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Vegan and Vegetarian Catering

Vegan and Vegetarian Catering

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If you're looking for an unforgettable experience of vegan and vegetarian catering, Otao Kitchen is the perfect choice. Our team of talented and passionate chefs are experts when it comes to creating delicious Asian cuisine that uses only the best quality ingredients. Not only do we provide a variety of dishes that cater for all tastes, but our chefs always strive to create meals that are both healthy and flavourful.

Our experienced catering staff are dedicated to offering customers only the highest quality in foods as well as service. For your corporate event or special occasion, let us guarantee you a successful evening with amazing food that is perfect for all your guests - from appetisers and snacks to mains and desserts. No matter what your specific needs might be, we aim to make sure you have a truly unforgettable experience with us.

If you’re looking for vegan or vegetarian catering services delivered with care, Otao Kitchen is the right choice. With us on board, every meeting or celebration will turn out precisely how you envisioned it – delicious food made with love! Contact us today and let's talk about making your dream event come true!


  • Great variety with Asian vegan and vegetarian catering for all occasion, taste and budget
  • Simple platform for placing and managing your order
  • Expert catering to meet your service
  • Get it within a day


  • Buffet Service
  • Shared Platter
  • Conference
  • Street food
  • Plated dining 
  • Vegan and Vegetarian
  • Drop off Catering
  • Grazing
  • Boardroom Package


Price from 87$pp 6-7 dishes | $72 for 4-5 dishes. Min Spend $850

Starter - recommend for 2-4 dishes. 

  • Chinese Vegetarian Dumplings ( VV, O)
  • Indian Potato and pea samosas and Tamarind chutney  (VV, O)
  • Indian Vegetarian Curry Puffs (GF, O)
  • Vietnamese Spring Rolls Vegetable(GF, O)

Mains & Sides - recommend 2-3 dishes

  • Chinese Steam Buns  with vegetables (VV, O)
  • Chinese Stir- fry Bowl & seasonal mixed vegetables and rice
  • Chinese Style Work fried noodles with vegetables 
  • Vietnamese Rice Vermicelli Salad Noodles and lettuce, cucumber, beansprouts and fresh herbs & a choice of spring rolls  (VV, O)
  • Vietnamese Banh My & vegetables with seasoned Tofu
  • Indian Dahl and Roti or Naan.
  • Indian Patato and Caulifflower Chickpea Curry with Rice or Roti or Naan
  • Thai Green Curry and Rice + Papaya Salad
  • Thai Red Potato and Mushroom Curry and Rice

Desserts - recommend 1-2 dishes

  • Chinese Tofu Dessert
  • Vietnamese 3-5 colour dessert
  • Fruit platter
  • Thai Mango Dessert 


  • Complimentary paper bowls, wooden fork, spoons & napkins
  • Chef from $85/hour
  • Wait staff $55/hour
  • Free delivery cost from $39 
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