Catering For A Large Group

Catering For A Large Group

Planning a corporate event for a large group can be an extremely exciting, albeit nerve-racking experience. From diverse tastes to special diets, a lot of factors need to be considered when catering for a large group. Follow these tips to make sure your event is a success!

1. Preparation is Key to Success:
The earlier you can contact a caterer about an event, the better. The more information you can provide about the event, the more equipped the caterer will be in serving your needs. This applies to everything from multi-day events to client lunches.

2. Consider the Style of the Event:
Before choosing a caterer, it is important to consider the event’s style. Is it a formal affair or a casual gathering? It is important to select a catering service that suits the event's style.

3. Work Out Quantities:
One of the trickier aspects of catering for a large group is working out the quantities. You want to find that sweet spot where there is enough food without there being too much. But how much should you provide? Don't worry. Catering services are well-versed in providing accurate quantities.

4. Less is Sometimes More:
It is recommended that you consider hosting a more intimate and casual affair to avoid the classic five-course sit-down meal. Serve something like an American-style barbeque, a Mexican fiesta, a large daytime garden brunch, or a classy cocktail reception. Fresh finger foods like Vietnamese Bahn Mi rolls or Thai salad boxes can give your menu an extra lift.

5. More is Not That Hard:
Buffet catering and food stations are the way to go when catering for large groups. They can be very time and cost-effective. Consider using themed food stations to tell a story. Some popular options include a saloon-style grill station, a midsummer night's dream themed dessert bar, a secret garden cocktail station, and pop-up style Mexican finger food stalls.

Proper planning and careful consideration can make all the difference when catering for large groups at an event. Start by contacting the caterer early and providing them with as much information as possible. Choose the right catering service that suits the style of the event and take the time to work out the right quantities. Consider keeping it simple with fresh finger foods or using food stations to tell a story. With these tips in mind, your corporate event catering will be memorable and successful.
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