Team Building Plan For Large Group

Team Building Plan For Large Group

Planning team activities for large groups is always challenging. Because you want everyone plays their part in the activities you select. Because of the size of the group, not all activities will be able to deliver the feeling of connectedness that is required to get team members to bond and form great relationships that bring productivity in a positive manner. We have been working with large teams before and here is our experiences to share.

Team Building Plan For Large Group

Amazing Race on Victoria Street

Let your team members channel their inner competition with Otao kitchen amazing race food challenge. Start at North Richmond station, racing along Victoria Street for different treats and ingredients to make up a dish required. Our team will do comprehensive briefing before every race so team member will know where they will be heading to.

Amazing race and cooking is one of our favourite team bonding activity in Melbourne. The thrill and fun that this activity offers cannot be adequately quantified with words, and its effect on team building is only surpassed by how breathtaking it is. If you have a large group, you can send them out in batches while the others bond over drinks and in a restaurant en route.

Corporate Food Truck Challenge

Food truck have been around for sometime.  This game doesn’t require too many items, just a meats, vegetable and starch. Split the group into 4-6 person teams and create as many as you want. Team will have to come with a business concept and theme then put together a dish with the help of our chefs. Watch team members become friends in a matter of minutes.

Social Cook Off

There aren’t many things that help people bond as quickly as making food together. Organise a casual catchup and social cook off for your team member during a summer evening and see how effectively it helps them connect. If the gathering is particularly large, you may need to organise some side events to ensure that people mingle sufficiently. Board games, ping pong, and other team activities should do the trick.

Catering For Groups

Planning a catering menu for work can be seamless and enjoyable if you you let us know as soon as you can - attention to details such as knowing your guests, selecting appetisers and the main course, desserts, and choosing a flexible catering service. These information will help you create an unforgettable culinary experience for your guests.

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